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Find your true self in the unconventional.

Embrace the power of passion and rebellion as a means to personal growth.

Writer. Yoga Teacher. Guitarist. Novice Skateboarder.

I pour my energy into skateboarding, mindfulness practices, teaching yoga, writing songs, and embracing the DIY and DIT (do it together) ethos of punk rock. My passion for these alternative lifestyles extends into my writing, where I share insights on creating a life outside societal norms.

Seasons and Momentum


Explore Yoga, Mental Health + Personal Development with a punk rock twist. Break free from societal norms, how to discover yourself through unconventional hobbies, and dive into classics like Mindfulness & Self-care.


Sidewalks + Soundtracks Podcast (Coming Soon!)


Sidewalks and Soundtracks podcast invites listeners into a space where they can explore unconventional ways of living, embracing authenticity, and navigating life's complexities. It emphasises the importance of mindfulness, boundary-setting, and community while celebrating the power of passion and rebellion. Through each episode, listeners will receive practical tips and strategies for personal development and self-care, providing them with the tools they need to thrive outside societal norms.

podcast - sidewalks and soundtracks